Customer Reviews


Everything went well - there were no problems. I would definitely recommend Good Faith Management. It was a smooth transaction and I've already recommended others to them. They were very patient and walked us through every step.
L. McGwire
South Bend
The process has always been great! Duane has bought four properties from us so far and has always done everything promised. I would and do recommend him to other people. I'm always very satisfied and will be using Good Faith Management in the future!
E. Binco
They delivered everything that was promised and everything went as smoothly as it possibly could!
I would recommend Duane, the process was quick and easy!
M. Eaton
I sold two properties to them and they were both smooth transactions. They made it quick and easy. I would recommend them and use them again.
S. Nicodemus
The house needed a lot of work. I live in North Carolina and the house was passed down to me. I contacted the neighbor who recommended Duane. He came out that day to look at it and within a week I had the house sold. He is very experienced and knows the process well.
V. Currence
I sold two houses to Duane, and I felt the the weight come off my shoulders! It was a great experience. He came in, looked at the houses, and did exactly what he said he was going to do! I would highly recommend him to others. If you want to sell your house, call Duane!
C. Dean
South Bend
My wife and I had a lot of health problems so we called Duane to buy our house. He took a burden from us! The house had a lot of problems but he bought it as is. It was a great experience. Duane didn't drag his feet and made the process go way faster than I expected. He didn't try to low ball me like others have and gave me what I was asking for. I've already been recommending Duane to to others!
S. Lewis
I called another investment group and they just kept pushing out the closing date. Finally, a couple days prior to closing they backed out, saying they didn't have the funds to close. Duane came in and it was just as fast as he said it would be! We closed in a couple of days. Will be calling him again.
R. Hensell
South Bend
Duane had patience and was so helpful. We had a lot of title issues and he guided us through it all. We appreciated him so much - my brother and I were more than pleased.
C. Hovarter
My experience was awesome! This was a unique situation and Duane was great at following up. He came and looked at my house, and was easy to work with to make a deal. Duane is very honest and fair!
L. McDonalds
Duane made the process very clear and easy to understand. I would absolutely recommend him to others. He did exactly what he told me he would do.
R Baldwin
It was fantastic working with Duane to sell my house! I live in Kentucky and he did everything over the phone for me. He's very experienced and makes selling a house easy. He also gave me exactly what I was asking for the property.
G. Hampton
It was very quick, everything went great. Within a week, closing was done! I've already recommended him to others!
D. Ernsberger
He's extremely pleasant to work with and the process went quickly. It was satisfactory on both sides of the deal. Duane did everything that he promised he would. I've already told friends about him and will continue to do so.
C. Johnson
South Bend